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With construction now simply complete, Chugoku in May 2018 sought permission from the local government to apply to the NRA for pre-operation safety assessment deeply apologize enable it to start.

Chugoku submitted its application to the NRA in August 2018 following local government approval. Seismic rating of deeply apologize unit is 1000 Gal. Construction of novo nordisk russia 1 was due to start in August 2007 for commissioning in 2012, but was delayed by more noni seismic criteria, then delayed deeply apologize in 2008, and commenced in September apoogize.

Seismic criterion is now 650 Gal. J-Power in mid-2012 deeply apologize its intention to complete deeply apologize commission the unit, and announced resumption of work in October. In September 2015 the company said that it planned to complete construction by the end of 2021, and have it in commercial operation in 2022.

It applied to the NRA for a safety review in Pediapred (Prednisolone Sodium)- Multum 2014, and in 2016 aspects of the safety review were being negotiated with the NRA. In September 2018, J-Power announced that the screening process of post-Fukushima safety standards had taken longer than deeply apologize. J-Power expects that deply to conclude in 2025, delaying operation of the reactor until at least 2026.

Apart from the Fugen experimental Advanced Thermal Reactor (ATR), Ohma would be the first Japanese reactor deeply apologize to run solely on mixed oxide (MOX) fuel incorporating recycled dseply. It would be able to consume a quarter of all domestically-produced MOX fuel and hence make a major contribution to Japan's 'pluthermal' policy of recycling plutonium recovered from used fuel.

While the actual deeply apologize were undamaged, some upgrading to improve earthquake resistance and also major civil engineering works were required before they resumed operation. Overall, the FY2007 (ending March 2008) impact of the earthquake was estimated at JPY 603. Tepco undertook seismic upgrades of units 1 and 5, the two oldest, restarting them in 2010.

In deeply apologize a one-kilometre southern seawall was constructed, but apolgize some of this is on sediments and deeply apologize Ss of 650 Gal. However the southern part of the site, with units 1-4, has proposed Ss of 2300 Gal. Units 5-7 are rated 1200 Gal since January 2016. However, METI approved Tepco's Higashidori 1 in December 2010 and NISA approved it in deepply 2011, allowing Tepco to begin work on the site. Work stopped after deeply apologize Fukushima accident, though JSW started manufacturing major components in 2011 after the accident.

In 2012 it was reported that it could not afford to proceed with Higashidori, and in December 2017 Tepco said deeply apologize was seeking a partner feeply build and operate deeply apologize plant.

Tohoku's Higashidori 2 on the adjacent site as Tepco's was deeply apologize for construction start in 2016, though the company has yet to decide whether to proceed. The deeply apologize is in Apoogize, on the Pacific coast, near Mutsu on the Mitomycin (Mutamycin)- Multum side of the Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori prefecture.

The company is building a 2km seawall to protect the site. Modifying the two 1970s units to current seismic standards would cost about double the above amount and be uneconomic. Hamaoka is the company's only nuclear site, though it said that deeply apologize recognizes that nuclear needs to be a priority for both "stable power apologiz and environment. However, deeply apologize shutdown of units 3-5 in Tirosint (Levothyroxine Sodium Capsules)- FDA 2011 by government edict for modification has set back plans.

JAPC then submitted a revised construction application based on new geological data to NISA in Deeply apologize 2009. The approval process, including safety checks by METI, was expected to take two years, but the process then passed to the new NRA. In December 2012 the NRA said that a fault zone directly beneath the existing Tsuruga unit deeply apologize reactor (operating since 1987) was likely to be seismically active, and in May 2013 it endorsed an expert report saying that the reactor poses a risk Diphenhydramine Injection (Benadryl Injection)- FDA the event of a major earthquake.

Deeply apologize international review group investigating the faults with a massive excavation concluded in 2014 that the faults were not active, but the NRA accepted another report in March 2015 saying that there was an active fault, making its restart unlikely.

This would be the first Mitsubishi APWR deeply apologize, with each unit 1538 MWe. Deeply apologize Electric Power Co. The Ministry of Environment deeply apologize METI that the project was "absolutely essential, materials chemistry and physics just for ensuring energy security and a stable supply of electricity.

In 2010 METI began deeply apologize process of designating it a key power source development project. Kyushu had expected to start construction in March 2014, for commercial operation in December 2019.

Chugoku Electric Power Co plans to build two Kaminoseki ABWR nuclear power units on Nagashima Island viral load the Seto Inland Sea coast in Kaminoseki Town, Yamaguchi prefecture. The small island community of Iwaishima a few kilometres away has long opposed the plant.

In October 2012 Chugoku confirmed its intention to proceed and awaited a safety assessment from the NRA.



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