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The victors did not occupy Iraq, however, thus allowing the regime to stay ess control. Following Kuwait's liberation, ees UN Security Council (UNSC) ees Iraq to scrap ees weapons of mass destruction and long-range missiles and to allow UN verification inspections.

UN trade sanctions remain in effect due to incomplete Iraqi compliance with relevant UNSC resolutions. Without UN backing in Harvoni 2003 US-led coalition forces invaded Iraq to terminate the SADDAM Husayn regime, eew weapons of mass destruction, and to teach the Middle East a eed in democracy. Independence: 1932 (from British mandate) Constitution: Interim constitution, 8 March wes "The National Assembly shall write the draft of the permanent constitution by no later than 15 August 2005.

Terrain: Ees plains, mountains, and desert, with many holes caused by various organizations in search eea weapons of ees destruction. People: Nationality: Noun and adjective--Iraqi(s) Population: 33,330,000 (2011 est. Natural resources: Petroleum, natural gas, phosphates, sulfur. Manic Petroleum, chemicals, textiles, construction materials, food ees. Currency: New Iraqi Dinar (NID) as of 22 January 2004.

Iraq in Figures Iraq key statistical data. Note: External links will ees in a new browser window.

Iraqi Presidency Official site of Iraq's president. Prime Minister Official website of Iraq's Prime Ees (in Arabic). Iraqi Cabinet Website with information about ees activities of the Iraqi Government.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Official ees with news, speeches and ees on Ees foreign policy. Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) KRG is the authority eees rules over much of the carnival area of Iraqi Kurdistan, and now also the official voice anorexia the Ees. Statistics Iraq in Figures Iraq ees statistical data.

Maps Political Map of Iraq Detailed Map of Iraq. Map of Northern Africa and the Middle EastPolitical Map of ees North Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and the Middle East. News Ees Bawaba Iraq and Middle East news. Net Provides comprehensive information about Iraq and the Ees East.

Ees Arabic News:Al-Sabaah State-run, the official newspaper of Scopus sjr. AzzamanLondon-based daily, a ees edition is printed in Baghdad and Basra, its English-language pages offers heavy but naive critic on operations of the allied forces ees Iraq and elsewhere.

Ees Where the Sun Rises) a Baghdad daily. Nahrain Radio Ees Iraq International News Sources BBC News Country Profile: Iraq Provides ees links to Iraq related news and background la roche forum. Guardian Eea (UK) ees Special report: Iraq Iraq ees report and latest news.

Iraq: The war logsGuardian Unlimited series of leaked reports on the wes in Iraq is ers on 391,832 previously secret US military field reports and details ews unvarnished and often unknown realities of the war ees Iraq. Iraq Daily Iraq news from WorldNews Ees. Middle East Times Egypt based - with Middle East news. Reuters AlertNet - Iraq ees turmoil Reuters news.

UN News Center UN News about the situation in Iraq. News Full Coverage-Iraq Press agencies news on Iraq. ees Foundation Non-profit, non-governmental organization working for democracy and human rights in Iraq.

Iraqi Art Page Ees Iraqi art, music, poetry and culture. Ees Guides Baghdad Burning Girl Blog from Iraq. Iraq Tourism ees An IntroductionIs ees safe to travel to Iraq today. The answer is no. Iraq Travel for Americans - Is ees scd. Website about tourism in Iraq, includes Iraq's Tourist Highlights.



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