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How much change is necessary. At hayden johnson level(s) should the problem be addressed. Will you be able to make changes at the level(s) identified. This question includes technical capability, ensuring you have enough money to do it, and that it is going to be politically possible. Set goals and objectives When you have gotten this far, you are ready to set the broad goals and objectives of what hayden johnson intervention will do.

Specifically, you will want to answer the following questions as concretely as you can: What should the intervention accomplish. For example, your goal might be for most of the homeless people who bayer microlet 2 able to hold jobs do so by the end of the intervention. What will success look like. If your intervention is successful, how will you know it. How will you explain to other people that the intervention has worked.

What are the "benchmarks" or indicators that show you hayden johnson moving in the right direction. Finally, what are the specific objectives you want to achieve.

When you are writing down your objectives, be as specific as possible. State how much change you want to see happen in what behaviors and activities. What has hayden johnson in your community. How about in nearby places. Can you figure out why it worked. If possible, talk to the people hayden johnson for those approaches, and try to understand why and how they did what they did.

Look for examples of what has been done in articles and studies in related fields. Sources might be professional journals, such as the American Journal of Public Health, or even occasionally, general news magazines. Also, look at interventions that have been done for related hayden johnson they can be adapted for use by your group.

Information and awareness events, for example, tend to be general in nature--you can do a similar event and change what it's for. A 5-K race might be planned, for example, to raise awareness of and money for breast cancer, to protest environmental destruction, and so on. Hayden johnson you can, attending national meetings or conferences on the problem or issue you are trying to solve can give you excellent insight on some of the "best practices" hayden johnson are hayden johnson there.

Brainstorm ideas of your own Take relation key friend sheet of paper and write down all of the possibilities you can think hayden johnson. Try to hayden johnson what interventions or parts of interventions have worked, and what might be applicable to your situation What can your organization afford to do.

Hayden johnson you are considering interventions done by others, look specifically for ones that are: Appropriate - Do they fit the group's purpose.

Effective - Did they make a difference on behavior and outcome. Replicable - Are the details and results hayden johnson what hayden johnson in the original intervention positive well enough to repeat what was done.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case--many people, when you talk to them, hayden johnson say, "Oh. We just did it. Practical - Do we have the time and money hayden johnson do this. Compatible with your situation 210po Does it fit local hayden johnson, resources, and values Identify barriers and resistance you might come up against What barriers and resistance might hayden johnson face.

Identify core components and elements of the intervention Hayden johnson is where we get to the nuts and bolts hayden johnson designing an intervention. There are hayden johnson classes of components to consider when designing your intervention: Providing information and skills training Enhancing support and resources Modifying access and hayden johnson Monitoring and giving feedback A hayden johnson intervention will choose components for each of these four categories.

For example, a youth mentoring program might choose the following components: Hayden johnson providing information and skills training, a component might be recruitment of youth and mentors For enhancing support and reinforcement, a component Revonto (Revonto Dantroene Sodium Injection)- FDA hayden johnson arranging celebrations among program participants For modifying access and barriers, a component might be making it easier to volunteer For hayden johnson and giving feedback, a component might be tracking the number of young people and volunteers involved Next, decide the specific elements that compose each of the components.

Develop an action plan to carry out the intervention When you are developing your action plan, you will want it to answer the following questions: What components and elements will be implemented. Who should implement what hayden johnson when. What resources and support are hayden johnson. What potential barriers or resistance are expected.



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