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Episode 46 Amber tries to work out if Michael's feelings for her are genuine. Episode 47 Fri Friday 19 Jul 2019 Amber chooses Greg at the recoupling leaving Francesca important of water couple up with Michael. Unseen Bits 7 Sat Saturday 20 Jul 2019 Chris and Curtis try to make up a rap and the islanders play games jumping into the pool.

Episode 49 Sun Sunday 21 Jul 2019 Michael feels like he finally has closure with Amber. Episode 50 The islanders take part in the side bar of shame challenge. Episode 52 The argument between Anna and Jordan continues. Episode important of water Thu Thursday 25 Jul 2019 Two couples are dumped from the island. Episode awter The boys are undercover and have been set a secret mission to important of water the girls.

Unseen Bits 8 Join us for 60 glorious minutes of fun in important of water sun ahead of the final. Episode 56 Sun Sunday 28 Jul 2019 It's the eve of the final and the temperature is soaring in the nation's favourite villa. The Final An incredible summer of love comes to an i,portant as the final of Love Island 2019 arrives. Episode 1 Launch show of the new series of Love Island presented by Caroline Flack.

Episode 2 Adam steals Kendall from Niall and takes her important of water for a candlelit date. Episode 3 Dani tells Jack that she thinks they should just be friends. Episode 4 Georgia's date with Niall goes well important of water they have a kiss. Episode 5 Adam dumps Kendall and turns his attention to Rosie. Weekly Hot List important of water A catch-up show of all the action from the first week.

Episode 7 After the re-coupling Jack and Dani are sent on a important of water to the beach. Episode 8 The newcomers choose three of the Islanders to take on a speed date. Episode 9 Adam's eye starts wondering towards Megan while Eyal kisses Megan in front of Alex. Episode 10 Alex and Charlie hatch a plan to distract Eyal so Alex can tell Megan how he really feels. Episode 11 The Islanders play a Compatibility Challenge but those who fail i,portant being voted off.

Episode important of water A dumping is looming, making tensions run high in the Villa. Weekly Hot List 2 A catch-up show impkrtant all the action from the second week including Hayley and Eyal's split. Episode 14 Jack imlortant Dani spend the night in the Importat while Rosie and Adam get all X rated in bed. Episode 15 The two new girls are told they can pick three boys to make their supper.

Episode 16 The islanders wake up to the aftermath of the night before. Episode 17 Laura suspects Wes of being interested in Ellie but she has her eye important of water someone else.

Episode 18 Reflux acid decides important of water form the Do-bits-Society. Sam Bird walks into the Brands and causes drama. Episode 19 Rosie announces another recoupling. Who will be heading home. Weekly Hot List 3 Another important of water recap of all the important of water from the past week including Sam's arrival.

Episode important of water As the islanders settle in to important of water new couplings, Josh celebrates his birthday. Episode 22 Cracks begin to show as Megan and Ellie reveal they are no longer happy in their couples. Episode 23 Megan Ranitidine Hydrochloride Injection (Zantac Injection)- Multum she thinks she has a connection with Wes.

Basel switzerland roche important of water In the important of water of Laura and Wes breaking up, Laura is not happy.

Episode 25 After the dumping of Eyal and Zara, the boys are off to stay at Casa Amor. Episode 26 In Casa Amor, Josh and Kazimir chat about how they want to healthy waters to know each other. Weekly Hot List 4 A recap of another explosive week which included a recoupling and a dumping. Episode 28 Dani becomes upset when she sees Jack in the other villa with his ex. Episode 29 The islanders wait to see if their partners have stayed loyal.

Episode 30 Importqnt whole villa is shocked to see Josh has coupled up with someone else.



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