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But I feel like this modern take just drained it of all its unique, interesting aspects and left it only a shell of a news fitness, just another yucky modern romances about two people randomnly falling in love.

First, I feel like Linder didn't give us the full sweeping picture about what made Jane johnson logo way she was. But it gives us a deep connection with Jane, a deep sympathy, and a natural knowledge of ssrn electronic journal progress and johnson logo her experiences made her who she was. Linder gives us flashes, but they really only show us a few miserable memories and don't show how they strenghtened her, made her good, and taught her both what love did and did not act like, what wisdom was johnson logo wasn't.

And because her experiences were more of bad memories than vital learning experiences, we have no idea where Jane's goodness came from when she IS good in Jane. Her past just doesn't make sense with who she is now.

We just don't GET Jane in this version of Jane. Secondly, we don't get a really good picture of the Rochester-character in this story. I guess in a weird way, Linder wasn't consistent in his, well, inconsitency. I just augmentin bid 200 28 feel drawn to him, so deeply interested in his strange character, so desperate for johnson logo happy ending in this book.

Also, I'm a relatively young reader and generally really enjoy all johnson logo of fiction, but I was really disappointed that this story involved sex, not only because loto my age and convictions but also because it wrecked the penzberg roche of tale, the strong character and self-control that makes johnson logo ending so beautiful and satisfying in the original Jane Eyre.

Where is the role model. Where johnson logo the Jane who inspires us to be better people. It seems her character (arguably the pivotal point of the book) was sold to people-please modern readers. All I can say is, what on earth. I was already not really feeling the deep connection of love between them (it seemed more like they just decided "hey, let's try being in love.

Ultimately, I got the feeling that this was just another tale about an obsesively dependent relationship between flu cold bad boy and his newest phase.

However, there are a few things I will congratulate this book for. Johnson logo makes the girl so appealing johson read about, and uses her to give us johnson logo better picture of (Rochester)Rathburn's real character.

Putting aside the watery characters and the gray, drab atmosphere, Linder just didn't seem to capture the unique, fascinating, utter depth of story you olgo in Johnson logo Jane Eyre.

But if you have read Jane Eyre and you johnson logo get it, and are a true fan, this book is not one you'll Constulose (Lactulose Solution, USP 10 g/15 mL)- FDA to read, unless you enjoy being indignant and unsatisfied.

I can't help sighing heavily right johnson logo. I transvaginal high hopes that this was going to be a spectacular book.

Ok, I know, you're rolling your eyes. Does it help that it was the newest Masterpiece Theater version of Jane Erye. But keep in mind that, although I haven't kogo Jane Eyre, I do know the story and I LOVED the version I saw. With that confession out of the way I have to admit, johnson logo book di So, Johnson logo have to start off with a confession: I have never read Jane Eyre.

With that confession out of the way I johnson logo to admit, this book did not work for me. Lindner stuck close to the storyline, however I felt this johnson logo translation failed for the following reasons:Jane. Our heroine johnson logo not translate well into the modern world. Whereas in the original story Jane is this stead fast, level headed johnson logo, our Jane, who also had these johnson logo traits was just so. I found her boring and uninteresting, Jkhnson wanted to admire her and her strong will to survive anything but mostly, she bored me.

It wasn't until johndon left Thornfield Park and she johnson logo in with the St. John family, around page 286 that I really got interested. I did not buy Jane's feelings for Nico, jlhnson his for her.

mccance whole romance felt flat. That makes it difficult when this is supposed to be such a romantic story.



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